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Lord's Day Sunday
10:30 AM
Friday Night
Deliverance Meeting
7:00 PM
Women's Prayer
7:00 PM
Men's Prayer
7:00 PM


Received April 11, 2020

After a difficult week at work for the NHS and much discouragement in life’s trials I was very burdened..last night again I couldn’t sleep but The Lord must have led me again to your website and I was privileged to hear your live stream message at 3am this morning..renewed and Blessed by the word and Mightily Delivered again by Magnificent Prayer, (you must have prayed almost word for word all of my problems)...I awoke refreshed Lighter in my spirit and full of Joy again..the enemy sent packing! Healed also! Of a painful sore throat I’d had for 2/3 days. Thankyou So much dear Pastor! I love your ministry..1st heard on OMR and many times in the archives I have been delivered mightily by your prayers. I pray for your protection and ministry and at last will give regularly.

God Bless and keep you dearest brother.



Received April 28, 2020

Hi Pastor Josef,

I just want to sincerely say thank you for your obedience to the Lord. Because of your ministry not only have I been set free but my son as well. My son used to have extreme paranoia and anxiety but since he was prayed over a few years ago he’s been a new creation in Christ. No longer suffering with those things.

5 years ago, when I heard of your ministry, I started the deliverance process. It was like an onion and layer after layer was getting exposed. After the first few times I got delivered from fear and anxiety. A couple of nights later I had a dream that I was in my home and snakes were everywhere in my house… big and small. I stood in my front yard and called you to come and get them out. Sure enough, you came and got rid of every single snake in my home.

When I woke up I realized that I still had more left, so I went again to promised land. And sure enough, rage was hiding but was exposed. I cannot describe to you the freedom that I have lived in since then.

I recently went on a mission’s trip to Serbia last week and God has exposed something else that was still hiding and keeping from truly living out Gods will for me. I was so worried that God had made a mistake when he called for me to become a missionary. I felt like I can’t possibly do it because I’m so quiet and incompetent. I had this calling on my heart since I was a little girl but I had so much doubt. But after last night, I’m ready to fully live out what God has called of me and my family. No more doubts, no more denying and no more comparing myself to others. I know whose I am and who I am.

This is just the beginning of the things that we will do in Jesus name. And I will take the same tools that you have preached about and used on me to set others free in Jesus name as well!

I’m so thankful for His gentleness and kindness... and most of all His patience.

I just wanted to share with you how deliverance has changed me and my family’s life. Please continue to do what you do. So many people struggle with these things and think that it’s life or normal and we try and normalize it with medication or therapy. But in reality, we weren’t created to live like that and there is freedom in Jesus Christ! I’m so honoured to serve Jesus Christ with my whole being my whole life. I cannot wait for opportunities on the mission field to share this same deliverance with others and create havoc in the spiritual realm.. all in the name of Jesus! What a good, good God we serve!


Jessica D


Received May 24, 2020

Subject: JesusDelivers: THANKYOU - May the Lord continue to Bless and Keep you.

But had to write again to say Thankyou Dear Pastor Josef for your Tremendous message on 22/5.. (and for previous messages.. I could write in every week!). But heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast and powerful ministry..Answered prayer once again Gods timing is Perfect, I can’t tell you how accurate and timely this message was.
Falling at the feet of Our Mighty God, Holy Spirit and Saviour Jesus Christ, for His Amazing provision for us, by appointing those prepared for Times such as this.
Thankyou for the example of your prayers for family and your church and the wider church community. What an example for us all!
Remembering you always in prayer.