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Lord's Day Sunday
10:30 AM
Friday Night
Deliverance Meeting
7:00 PM
Women's Prayer
7:00 PM
Men's Prayer
7:00 PM



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This Red Link is for Computers with a High Speed connection that can reliably manage a 1080p Resolution Video Stream.

At present, this stream will only reliably work on PCs and other desktop workstations, for all others please use the Blue Link below.



This Blue Link is for our YouTube Stream. This will work for all devices including Mobile Devices such as iPads,Tablets and phones.

If you have problems with our Red Link - High Resolution Stream please try this one.



Now there are 2 types of Chats available - Public (Group) and Private Chats.

You can use the Private Chat to have private conversations with any person and also to post prayer requests that will be passed onto whoever is conducting Mass Deliverance for the evening.