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A Prayer for the Lost

Heavenly Father,

I come boldly before your throne of grace, in the name of Jesus Christ, to pray and intercede on behalf of ____________. I plead the blood of Jesus over his/her sins, past present and future. I plead the blood of Jesus over his/her sitting down, getting up, coming in and going out, over every place and situation. I plead the blood of Jesus over his/her mind, will and emotions. I bind the strongman over him/her and I loose him/her from the will and plans of Satan and bind his/her feet to the narrow path of Jesus. I loose angels to chop, cut and sever every plan that Satan had for his/her life and I cancel it by the blood of Jesus and the power of His name. I loose angels to destroy all soul ties stopping him/her from coming to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Satan, I address you from my position in the third heaven, seated on the right hand of the Father next to the Lord Jesus Christ, high above you and all of your demons. I take authority over you according to Luke 10:19 and I address you in the presence of the Holy Trinity. The Lord Jesus Christ rebukes you and all of your demons working in the life of __________!!!! I command your works to cease in his/her life and for you to loose him/her from your grip.

I loose warring angels to destroy the veils that Satan has put over his/her mind and heart, blinding him/her from coming to the saving knowledge and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I ask that warring angels would be loosed in heaven to start attacking and destroying the demonic strongholds in his/her life. I loose warring angels to execute the vengeance, judgement, punishment and wrath of God upon the demon's in his/her life. I also loose the hatred, anger, fear, torment and terror of God upon the demons. I loose perpetual burning destruction and judgement upon them as well as fire and brimstone and burning coals. I loose the plagues and judgements from the book of Revelation upon them as well as the plagues and judgements that fell upon Egypt.

I ask you Father to create a need for the Savior, Jesus Christ in his/her heart. I loose upon him/her spirits of salvation, repentance and conviction. I loose the fear of the Lord upon him/her. I also loose the spirits of knowledge, wisdom, revelation and truth concerning the Lord Jesus Christ upon him/her. I loose the spirits of faith, hope and love upon him/her. I loose the spirits of adoption, acceptance in the beloved and the agape love of God into his/her life.

Father, I pray according to your will that you do not desire anyone to perish and I believe that he/she will be saved. I claim ___________ for the kingdom of God and I thank you for his/her salvation.

In Jesus Name I pray,


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