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Pastor Paul Uzoma's Message

Pastor Paul Uzoma's Message


"Just as we keep on praying for finances and believing God for an open door

I just want to inform you that we are through with the proofreading and correction of the books

Benin needs God now. I have even kicked off an online prayer network.

Benin has made it compulsory to teach witchcraft in school from primary school and it can be studied in advanced schools.

A project of voodoo bible has been on. They claimed that they have a history of witchcraft from time past, but the white man came and destroy it with their bible

Witchcraft is now the strongest problem of Benin.

I know that evil powers will want to oppose your coming but I am praying for you.

The consciousness of deliverance is not strong in Benin.

Your program was a big encouragement for the little that I have done.

Even if we are to shift it to the beginning of next year, It is very necessary that I encourage you  to be strong and may God provide for and keep you strong for the mission

I know that they will want to block everywhere, but please don't be discouraged

Thanks for your attention

Coordinator Dr. Pstr Paul Uzoma"

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