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Burundi 2007



Dear friends in Christ,

I have arrived safely in Bujumbura. I met pastor Gideon in Nairobi and together we flew to Burundi. As you know he is my teaching partner. This is my first time to Burundi.

The country went through a long civil war, with catastrophic repercussions, such that there has been lots of suscipicion among the community still reigning.

After we had arrived, we went to the hotel and had a bit of rest, then in the evening we had a planning session with Pastor John Mihigo our translator and Pastor Denis, the coordinator.

This morning the Deliverance meetings started in earnest. After a prayer and worship meeting, I presented the introduction ("Why Deliverance?") that literally captivated the seminar attendants, who are pastors from different denominations, since the message was scratching where they were itching. Lots of trauma was left behind by more than a decade of civil war, that has orphaned and widowed many.

For today, the meeting closed at around 3 o'clock, but there had been a lunch break of only 15 minutes.


Pastor Gideon also had an opportunuty to teach powerfully on the possibility of a Christian having a demon. This was a big eye opener to the seminar attendants, since they saw how the devil could also control ignorant Christians.

We finished our School of Deliverance 101 with attendants looking forward to tomorrow's session. Please be on the lookout for the next message.


Pastor Joseph

March 3/07


Yesterday, the second day of the conference, we made a headway into the conference; I taught how to do deliverance, how demons come out, and how long deliverance takes. Also: Where demons go when they are cast out.

Pastor Gideon was teaching on: Can demons come back, and how to keep one's deliverance.

Conference attendants were overjoyed to learn these principles, which they did not know. They were so blessed that they faithfully attended the conference.

Today we started the conference with final teachings and finished with mass deliverance and giving diplomas. During the deliverance many people were set free from various demons and bondages, as spirits came out of them screaming and causing some to fall down.

Tomorrow, I will be preaching in the church of Pastor Manasse where the conference was conducted. The church has 2500 members, and is in Bujumbura capital of Burundi.

After our service we shall be on our way to Kigali Rwanda, where we will start the school of deliverance on Monday.

In Christ's love and service

Pastor Joseph

March 6/2007


Hello Saints,

This morning was Sunday and I was preaching in the church of Pastor Manasse. The church was overcrowded as over 3000 Christians attended the service. I couldn't but preach deliverance message and then I did mass deliverance on rejection and fear. people were truly blessed and requests were coming tocome again to Bujumbura to give the Christians more knowledge on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare.

Lord bless you all.

In Christ's love and service

Pastor Joseph

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