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Rwanda 2007

Kigali, Rwanda - March 13, 2007

Hello Dear Friends in Christ,

I am sorry for this delay in posting reports from our mission to Rwanda. We had only one day to travel 6 hr on mountainous road from Bujumbura, Burundi to Kigali, capital of Rwanda. The next day, School of Deliverance started at 9 am. As you can see, this was a very intensive schedule. After 3 days of conducting the School, we were the next day travelling again on a very mountainous road to northern Rwanda, to the city of Gisenyi. We just finnished yesterday our 3 day School of Deliverance 101 with mass deliverancein Gisenyi and arrived 3 hr ago back to Kigali. Tonight, we are flying to Kampala, capital of Uganda. Here, we will conduct our last 3 day School of Deliverance 101 and I will be on my way to Canada and Pastor Gideon to Nigeria.

More on Rwanda soon.

Lord bless you all

Pastor Joseph

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