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Uganda 2007

March 19/2007

Amsterdam, Holland

Hello Dear Frends in Christ,

our days in Kampala, Uganda were so busy and intense that I just did not have time to look for the Internet Cafe. I tried one but the system was so slow that I gave up. In Kampla, the Lord change our plans a bit. We did the School of Deliverance101 for the whole congregation of Christian Unity Fellowship; some pastors and Christians from other churches were also attending. The response was very enthusiastic; people were just so hungry for deliverance knowledge. Five unbelivers were save on the first day of the School after they wondered inside and heard the deliverance teachings. It shows that deliverance knowledge touches the hearts and gives hope for those who seek answers.On the second day more people were saved. mass deliverance on the third day was great. Bye, I have to run.

Lord bless

Pastor Joseph

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