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Asian Mission 2010 - Denpasar, Bali - May 25 - 27 /2010


Testimony from "School Of Deliverance 101"

25 - 27 may 2010, Denpasar, Bali.


Chandra Tobing

I am a pastor of local church in Denpasar, Bali. Great blessing for our church and team worker in Bali as we have a great people of God from Canada who teach us "school of Deliverance". Their teaching equiping us through understanding and anointing of Deliverance ministry. I know the power of God is moving arround the school of ministry in Bali since the first day, there are some people get deliverance when we do praise and worship, teaching and even greater when we do mass deliverance. Thank you for them who start this deliverance ministry among us, and now our responsibility to bring the spirit of "deliverance Ministry" from Bali to all over Indonesia.

Nyoman Sumaryana

I am a father of Three children and with one wife. Praise the Lord. Before I know Jesus as savior in my life I was an Hindu. I worship about 55 Idol, and I also don,t know what are their names. But because it's my culture so I did it, but when I have receive Jesus in my life as my savior, I never deliverance from anything. But when pastor Chandra asked me to come to the school of deliverance I came and interprated Pastor Joseph. But I didn't know why sudently I felt nervous and I couldn't stand well. After lunch I felt so hot and I deliveranced. Now I feel free and full of rejoice because Jesus deliverance me.

Thanks to God and thanks to the team of School of deliverance 101 who help us to get deliverance and thank you for the great teaching about deliverance. God bless you and always fill with rejoice that from heaven. Amen

Dewi Anjani

Thanks God for all His mercy and His grace to us. And thanks for School of Deliverance 101 who teach us about how important deliverance is.

I am 23 years old, and i have a sister and no brother. My sister is more beautiful than I am. That's why my mother always introduce her to all people and say "She is beautiful right" but my mother never say that when she introduce me. Since I was young my sister also did bad thing for me, she always bit me that's why I never know how is the feel to have a sister. When I tell to my mother, she never respon it, I love my mother so much, but she always said that I am ugly.....and so on and so on......that's why when I gone out from my city, I never missed my family because when I wanted to miss them, my heart would pain, I always remember all the past. But thanks God since Pastor Joseph preached about rejection in the first day, my heart cried, because the story that he told was about me. After he finished teach about Rejection, I felt so hot and I couldn't talk anymore and after that Pastor Joseph pray for me and I feel free. No pain anymore in my heart, God heal my pain and rejection. Praise the Lord. Such a great teaching that I got from the "school of deliverance " team, not just a dry teology, they bring powerful teaching, bring great impact and changing to my life. God Bless you.


Thank God for the School of Deliverance. First time I don't believe about the deliverance but because I thought whoever receive Jesus would free from curse but I was wrong. After i got deliverance I feel free, and it takes quite long to get deliverance for my self. From the first day of school, I feel that the anointing of God is moving arround the school teaching. Thank God for delivered me and thanks for the Deliverance team who help me and give a powerful teaching, that's help me to bring understanding about how important is the deliverance ministry, and my pray that in my future ministry I can practice deliverance in my mission field.

Agus Budiono

I feel so great after deliverance, befor deliverance I was an anger man, unpatient, heartpain, and full of ego, and so difficult for me to forgive someone and also I do really hated my father. But after I learn for three days about deliverance, I feel God save me and make me free from all of those evil things. Thank God because He fill me with His love and mercy that change my life and thanks for the team of School of Deliverance, God bless you and rejoice always.


Such a great anointing I felt in the school of deliverance 101 that held in denpasar Bali, the teaching not just a teory, it brings the power of God. I see many great things happen from the first day, and it encourage me to study until finished. Even I brought my doughter and son. I was moslem, and I get divorce from married two times when I was moslem. Thank God He save me and through this school of Deliverance I get delivered, not just my self , my daughter about 14 years old also get deliverance, and the great things that God can do deliverance also to my 8 years old son. My pray that God empower me and he give me a great husband for the future.

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