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Asian Mission 2010 - Manila - May 08/2010

We are all in Manila after a shaky start.

We got stranded in Seoul Korea, with no flights out to the Philippines and no luggage, Jozef went on ahead, a day late, and managed to rescue the school of deliverance 201 here in the Capital, he preached 6 topics the fist day and three the second, saturday, when the rest of the team arrived and helped finish the school. The school was well attended with approx 200 pastors and church workers.
Mass deliverance was a great success, many people being set free and two dramatic deliverances, one young man delivered from a nest of spirits of lust and perversion, and a young woman from a spirit called "Siyah", my spelling.
We are getting ready this morning to leave for Bagio, seven hour drive to the Northern Philippines.
The team is getting on well and enjoying each other, keep praying for us, and our loved ones as the enemy attacks where he can, he is not happy with us and he is not happy with you, our supporters, either.

Our luggage turned up after three days, thanks to all who have helped in prayer and support and everything.
Love in Jesus

Tim Gardner

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