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Tim's Ivory Coast 2010 Mission Blog

Hi Friends,

This is just a quick one from Ivory Coast as we wrap things up, we are leaving today for Brussels and then Canada.

Some pictures from the two countries, everyone tells a story, and of course there is much more.

Poland was so much better than expected, we were concerned that the European mindset would be critical and cynical but we were wrong, the people and the leadership had had there eyes opened to an extent, and they were all there, (place was packed like sardines) to learn how to be free and to set others free, this is a persecuted church in Poland where there is only about 2% protestant in the country.
The love for Jesus would put many in North America to shame.

Ivory Coast was different again, what they really needed were servants to help set the captive free. We did this, praying with people and ministering to the suffering till five in the morning. Where some were asking for money in the basket, we told the people that we were there to sow seed not to collect.
We asked them instead to write down their problems on a piece of paper and the basket was overflowing with them, we ministered to them according to their problems.
Jesus paid for these problems on the cross, yet many are not free, Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed because of a "lack of knowledge."

Bless you all.

Will be back Friday night.

Tim Gardner
BENCHMARK Consulting


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