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Sierra Leone Mission Lead-up

Dear Fellow Soldiers in Christ,

We need some prayer support concerning our mission to Sierra Leone in March and few other things. If you yourself and you ministry needs some extra prayers, let us know and we shall pray for you also. Here is our list:

·        Prayer for our mission to Sierra Leone (4 schools):

-         We have the tickets; we lack money for lunches for the people, diplomas and our accommodations

-         Send angels to keep binding power of the enemy

-         Anointing; revival fire


·        Prayer for PLM, we need to move from our present location by the end of June 2011

·        Prayer for our finances; we are very low. We spend money on others, missions (last year 4 countries in Asia: Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia, also Poland-Europe, Ivory Coast-Africa), helping others with building a church, individual help for many pastors

·        Pray for our financial supporters and their businesses; main support for missions comes from them

·        Pray for greater manifested presence of God and anointing to break the yokes

·        My wife Barbara and her healing

·        Breakthrough for some deliverance cases



March 9 leaving Canada

March 11 arriving in Freetown, Sierra Leone

March 13, travel to Kono (province)

March 14-16 (Mon – Wed) Kono, School of Deliverance 101

March 17 travel to Bo (Thurs); 2 - 3 teachings in the evening

March 18 – 19 (Frid – Sat) Bo, School Deliverance 101

March 20 (Sunday) – travel to Freetown

March 21–23 (Mon – Wed) – Freetown Section 1; School of Deliverance 101

March 24 – rest in the morning (Thurs); 2 - 3 teachings in the evening

March 25 – 26 – Freetown Section 2; with School of Deliverance 201

March 27, Flight at night back to Canada

Dear Friends,

I found this one minute video on BBC news today.


Please watch the video and consider the email below, we are leaving in approx 3 weeks for this troubled country, to continue our teaching there on deliverance and spiritual warfare. Promised Land Ministries has people from many churches in Edmonton taking part in the weekly deliverance workshops held at our location in Greisbach at 7.00pm every Friday. Therefore in some way we represent the body of Christ in Edmonton as we endeavour to bring a message of love and peace to a hurting and bruised people.

For Jesus

Tim Gardner

From: Howard Sessie [mailto:youths_inaction_4christ@yahoo.com]
Sent: February 22, 2011 6:21 AM
To: Jozef Jasinski

Dear Pastor Jozef,

Praise God the job in Bo was done by God Himself.

My first contact did not pass on the correct information to the people, but after i came in contact with an other man of God in my staying in Bo, things have worked out very well. The ground in Sierra Leone is now set for your coming. In fact God had favored us in Bo with most of the big men of God in the District, your prayers have answered. We are not going to have a small school in Bo, we are going to have 200 plus in Bo this includes pastors, church leaders and elders.
One pastor gave us his church to be used for the school, i only gave him small money for his boys who are going to take care of the instruments and to buy fuel for all three days. The church is so big that it can take up to 1000 people. The pastors in Bo are expecting 101 manuals for their churches. I told them the modules will only be available for pastors who will attend all three days, that includes the Diplomas.

I have booked HOTEL for you. The name of the hotel is HOTEL SIR MILTON in the center of town with A/C for a cheap price. I booked for 17th, 18th and 19th. To God be the glory.
The address of place of meeting in Bo is:


Every thing is in place. I have printed 300 letters in Bo which is now in circulation to different ministries and churches. I have paid for radio announcement and every other thing is done. I have to book HOTEL 5 -10 for you in Freetown on Thursday.

This i want to suggest:

It will be fine if you can send half of the money for LUNCH in Kono and Bo at the end of this month so that i can make all necessary arrangement with the cooks in these two towns since we are going to start with them and they are far off from Freetown. For Freetown when you come i will make the arrangements before we leave for Kono via Bo.

PARTICIPANTS per town/place

KONO - 500
BO ------ 200 +
FREETOWN 1 - 200 +
FREETOWN 2 - 200 +


Can i maintain the 3 sitter car for all of your stay in Sierra Leone?.
This is all for now .
Pastor Howard


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