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Poland 2012

Report from Poland - November 1 - 3, 2012

The place they are at is called "Zakosciele"

Yesterday was a great day!

This place is fantastic, located in the woods on the outskirts a small charming town.

The conference is packed and overflowing.

Enthusiasm is amazing. What an atmosphere to teach! People are very excited about deliverance and spiritual warfare.

They've come from all over Poland.....

Pastor Jozef



I am sending You one of testimonies we got after School of Deliverence in Zakościele. We will definately have two more, but we are still waiting for them (writing in progress). One of them will be really interesting. The person had a curse of laziness and hatred for learning from seven generations.

God bless You.

Anna Witczak
Misja Petra

Albert's testimony

The time we spent on School  in Zakościele was incredibly filled with God's blessing.
God has strengthened my faith. He poured assurances, lifted the authority of Jesus in my personal life and gave me a passion to minister to others on this ground. He taught me to look at the needs with more grace and mercy.

I also experienced deliverance.

I went with three issues that I knew still are not fully free. The morning prayer that I have, and the call to the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to all things, even the small and trivial ones, that I could repent and be clean. The Holy Spirit has convinced me of the seventeen things that I threw it to the prayerbox. I gave it all to the Lord who has conquered all.

Mass Deliverance time itself was blessed for me. I saw and felt very clear the open sky and angels ministering to us. Despite the open windows and drafts inside, the Holy Fire prevailed and beat the Light of the Lord. There was triggered anointed Word to release. It was obvious that the demons had to come out. This fact greatly strengthened me: this is not a man at war, but the Lord Jesus, and we have to be obedient to His commands only.

I waited until it begins to manifest something in me, but not lived to see the great manifestation -  only tears. However, God led me to the other and turned my sight from himself, I helped people within the deliverance team.

Here I give the glory and honor and thanks to Jesus Christ, whom I loved with all my heart. Him and for Him and in Him is all that happened, Amen

Pastor Carl Henderson and Pastor Jozef

Residence and Warsaw Church Leaders

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