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Report from Pastor Johnston Kilinga



Dear Pastor Jozef,

I have the honour to thank God who empowered you and your team to visit Kahama,Tanzania for School of Deliverance SOD 101 in this year of 2013.The school triggered great impact to the local church leaders. Some of the church leaders were not doing deliverance before the school seminar which you conducted powerfully with the aid of Holy Spirit. As the Bible says in Hosea 4:6, that ‘’my people are destroyed by the lack of knowledge’ It’s obviously seen that most of our church leaders lacked the knowledge of deliverance. But now God is great. He has sent you to us purposely to set us free from such bondages of ignorance.

By then, I have received the testimony of a certain man known as Mika.This man had been addicted by cigar smoking. During the mass deliverance, the evil spirits led him to  run away from the hall, suddenly he was brought back then deliverance continued to take place. Within a short time he was completely set free.Mika asserts that:

                  ‘’I felt some voice telling me to run out of

                   Deliverance hall. Few men caught me back

                   Then as the prayers continued I felt good in

                   my body and soul as well. Now I thank God

                   that I am healed.’’

Not only Mika, but also Mama Dianna got instant deliverance. This lady had a problem of swollen knees and could feel fire like moving down and up the legs. After deliverance prayer, she was completely healed.

Pastor Chacha of Resurrection ministries thanked your ministry for opening up his spiritual eyes. He had never met a powerful ministry like that of yours. He says he will continue to use such knowledge in his newly formed ministries.

Pastor Daniel testifies to me that when he used the SOD manual in his church, there were great manifestations of evil spirits. He says, he has experienced the power of God than ever before. Pastor Daniel ministers under Free Pentecostal Church Of Tanzania (FPCT).The church which does not accept the use of anointing oil and deliverance in general. According to him, he will continue to do the deliverance services no matter what the circumstances.

In my church, twelve members have been registered so as to make six teams of two in each. These teams will be moving to nearby villages and towns doing deliverance as well as planting churches, this can be more successful if the operation involves the use of projector. The registration was done based on the call of each member. It was voluntarily done.

In addition,I’m still praying on various invitations which request me to do SOD 101.When God gives me go ahead, then I shall have two SOD 101 seminar in Tanzania and one in Burundi.(central Burundi).

Generally, testimonies are many and still other testimonies will be sent you as they will be testified by people to me or others.

I therefore thank the people of Canada for providing to us meals and water as the school was going on.I thank you pastor Jozef for being ready to minister to Kahama.Even the district overseer of Kayunga,Uganda appreciated your ministry very much. He desires to see you visiting him and his pastors in 2014.All the glory to God.

Yours Faithfully,

 Pastor Johnston Kilinga



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