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Report from Pastor Jozef

Dear fellow Soldiers in Christ,

We have arrived in Nairobi after long tiring 18 hr flights. We started the flight in Edmonton on Nov 30, with Tim Gardner and myself. In Calgary ,Stan Martinek joined us, in Amsterdam Pstr Carl Henderson (USA) and in Nairobi Pstr Lawrence Simon (Ivory Coast).

After some delays in Nairobi we left a little after midnight on Dec 3 for a long all night (9 hr) drive to Kisii, the city and region of the Kisii tribe.

The region is known for strong witchcraft we started the school 1 day late but we finished all the 15 topics in 2 days giving diplomas and doing mass deliverance at the end.

We gave the students our SOD 101 manuals in Swahili which we printed locally. We provided lunch for all of them. The school was well attended and the teachings were greatly appreciated.

We finished with mass deliverance and the Lord confirmed His Word with demons manifesting and people were being set free. Happy that we finished our task in spite of some big obstacles we have returned yesterday after long drive to Nairobi.

Today Dec 7 we are flying to Mwanza Tanzania.

Yours in Christ's love and service

Pstr Jozef

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