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Report from Rev Raymond Mbidu


Dear most beloved Jozef; greetings to you, your family and the team.

I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year 2014 as we continue to work and wait for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

I also want again to take this chance to say thank you so much to come to Tanzania and minister to our people. The pastors and leaders were so blessed to have had the powerful and anointed school of deliverance in Tukuyu Mbeya.

In recently I received a call from Sarah, pastors of Tukuyu thanks you for letting the school of deliverance to her church, because they had an opportunity to learn the ministry of deliverance, they did not know how to deliver people from demonic possession.

They saw you live casting the demons, you showed them the model by even taking a chair to put a client on top of chair and having sisters kissing her, embracing her, Pastor Sarah said that to her even to pastors this was something new to them, they had never seen any minister within the country or even to those international ministers who come from oversees.

Pastor Sarah also reported to me that those ladies who were delivered have been set free completely no more torments and suffering to their bodies, they wonder that you are indeed anointed men of God; you are deferent from other ministers/ministries, when ever been prayed with other ministers after few days the experience the same thing, Pastor Sarah reported that, those who were delivered during mass deliverance and one on one deliverance are completely healed.

Pastor Sarah testified to that now her church has tuned to a clinic people are coming from other churches and neighboring suburbs to her church for prayers, people believe that you have left to here church power; and that power is still operating, now pastor Sarah told me that is very busy with the ministry of deliverance, has asked me to ask you to keep on praying for her for the Lord to enable her to keep on with this ministry of deliverance and the power of God to be with her.

Pastor Jozef; indeed the lives of people of Tukuyu; people were delivered during the school of deliverance. The blaze set at Tukuyu has gone beyond touching the lives of people. The Coming of Pastor Jozef and his team was God’s ordained time; lives have been delivered and been touched and challenged many ministers by school of Deliverance through the word of God.

The local pastors committed that this was a timely school of deliverance for Tukuyu people, and they welcome you again with whole heart.

Lastly, I thank you Pastor Jozef with the team for what that you have planted in our nation. Also Thank you again for the opportunities you gave me to be with you where ever you went with the team you were with me. Thank you for your love and hospitality. May the almighty God continue to bless you, your family, your ministry and the team. I do invite you next year. Let me know when you plan to come so that I may include you to my schedule of year 2014. As we agree that this time we want reach Malawi, Dar es Salaam. And Zanzibar. The Pastor to Malawi; I have talked with him is willing to have us there, has asked me to tell him which month in year 2014.

NB: Pastor Sarah has reminded me about the books, pastors have been asking him if the books have been sent to her so that they can go and collect; have said they need to know better the deliverance ministry some topics are missing.

For souls sake

Rev Raymond Mbidu.

Hopping to hearing from you soon.

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