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Sierra Leone Mission 2013 Testimonies

Dear Pastor Jozef,

Good day. I have some testimonies to send to you today and will get some latter to send to you. The SOD 101 and 201 this year seem to yield some good fruit. Below are the testimonies:


1. JANE MUSA in BO: Says " I have a breast cancer for the past 7 years, i have tried many doctors and native herbalists for help but now solution. But thank God now, after the prayer in the School of Deliverance, the strong thing on my breast disappear three days after the prayers. My father and mother are all now happy with me "

2. PASTOR EDWIN KELLIE in KONO: Says " I was having acute ulcer for 20 years, in fact last year 2012 i was admitted at the Caughnut hospital in Freetown for one month, but no cure. During the time of mass deliverance i felt cold wind upon my entire body from that time the hard pain i was feeling went off me. I praise God since that time i have not experience any pain and i believe i am healed "

3. SIS MARGRET MIOWO in KENEMA: During the prayer time in the School of Deliverance, i was feeling serious pain in my back. Immediately after the prayers the back pain disappear till now i am not feeling any pain.

4. MATTU MBAWA in BO: Says " Since i gave birth to my child his neck does not stand at all even when he was 2 years 6 months his neck was the same. During the time of prayer at mass deliverance they prayed for my child and my child was healed. Now my child's neck is straight and steady the backbone is now strong ".


1. SAFFIE THOMAS in FREETOWN: Says " God has helped me to love my mother whom i have hated since in was 10 years and now i am 28, she continue her story: my father went to Canada when i was 3 years old and got married to another woman in Canada and came back to Sierra Leone when i was 11 years old. By then my mother who was taken care of me also got married to another man. When my father came he was annoyed with my mother and took me from her and sent me to his own mother and went back to Canada, from that day my father took me to his mother, my mother did not concern for me nor go to visit me until i was full grown. So i have that against my mother and decided not to love her any more even when i became christian i still hate my mother. But i was blessed during the teachings at School of Deliverance where God rebuked me that i am wasting my time in church without love. Since then i went back home and i visited my mother for the first time after

6 years and shook hands with her and ask her to forgive me. We are now good friends. Thank God for His deliverance."

These are what i have for now, as they send them i will send them to you.

Hello to PLM family and your wife and children Pastor Howard

Dear Pastor Jozef,

Good day. Here are two testimonies i got yesterday:

1. SAA FODAY in KENEMA: Says " The testimony of pastor Joseph on how God delivered him from the spirit of insanity has help me greatly in my life. I was like him for many years. I am attending Assembly of God church but my mind was always filty very hard for me to think about good things. I never knew the word insanity can be associated with the work of demons. But from the first day i listen to pastor Joseph's testimony i decided to attend the remaining two days. During the prayer time on the last day i told God to help me the way he helped pastor Joseph. From that day to now my mind is positive, i believe God has delivered me from the spirit of insanity.

2. SUSAN TAYLOR in BO: God has delivered me from the spirit of pride.

I am the only girl child in my family that is highly educated with second degree, because of that i started to look low on my other brothers and sisters even to my own parents. When i attended the School of Deliverance i came to know the word leviathan as a spirit behind pride. I felt bad within myself and ask God to deliver me.

Today i am among my family looking at them as one family, a great suprise to the entire family to see me encouraging them. I want to thank God for His deliverance and also thank School of Deliverance and the pastors for the teachings that open my eyes to see myself pride.

These are the two testimonies that came in yesterday. I will keep sending them as they come in.



Pastor Howard

Dear Pastor Jozef,

Good day. The Lord has done it again, halaluya. A big testimoney in Bo town:

1. MARY MASSAQUOI: This woman and her husband got married April 2007 according to them. Since then no pregnancy, no child. They said they have been to all types of hospitals and to all kinds of doctors, fasted and prayed but no child. The husband said to me that they did not attend the 1st and 2nd day of the school of deliverance, on the 3rd day himself and his wife came in after lunch because they went to work. But during the mass deliverance you came to the back and touch the stomach of his wife, on the 3rd of this April the wife was sick and she went to hospital when the nurse tested her, she is 1week 4days pregnant. The family said if the child is going to be a male, they will name him after you. They said God has blessed them through you

and they want to thank God for deliverance. Thanks

Pastor Howard

Dear Pastor Jozef,

The School of Deliverance 101&201 has made great impact in Sierra Leone this year 2013. Below are two new testimonies again of


1. PASTOR SANTIGIE SANKOH in MAKENI: Says " I am a Baptist pastor. We don't preach or talk about deliverance in our church, but now i believe in deliverance personally. He continued his story, my children were very unserious at home and school. During the last day of School of Deliverance i took all of them for prayer because pastor Jozef said he wants to pray for our families. After the prayers that day i have started seeing new behaviour in the lives of my children that makes me surprise and believe that God is using pastor Jozef to deliver people.

I am really blessed as a pastor. I believe i will now have peace with my children.

2. PASTOR FLORENCE: I want to thank God for the School of Deliverance

101 in Lumley, Freetown. In my church we are not allowed by our General Overseer to do deliverance. But the three days teachings i got from the School of Deliverance has liberated my mind from so many ignorance and opened my eyes to the operations of demons even in the lives of christians. Oh i wish my General Overseer was there for the teachings. However, i have been delivered from ignorance. Pastor Howard help me bring that teaching to my own branch church in Lumley to open the eyes of my members to the other part of the Bible. I am happy and thank God for knowledge.

These are the two new testimonies that just came in from Makeni and Freetown.


Pastor Howard

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