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Burkina Faso-Ivory Coast Mission Reports

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Nov 27/2014

Greetings Friends in Christ,

We are in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso to conduct. School of Deliverance 101.

It is our first time here. Burkina Faso official language is French and local language. We were invited yesterday to visit Christian Theological University which gave us support for the SOD 101. It is only 37 C and wind is blowing fine dust from the desert.

People are very friendly. Brother Darren Marcus from PLM came with us as a help. The teaching team is: myself, Pstr Jozef Jasinski (Canada) and Pstr Lawrence Simon Matanzima (Ivory Coast). Pstr Lawrence printed SOD 101 manuals in French and brought them from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Burkina Faso.


We supposed to start yesterday but because the place was to small and more people coming, the Lord did intervene and we got much bigger church and will start the school today, which is Friday, November 28.

Blessings to You all,keep us in prayer.

In Christ's love and Service



Ouagadougou, November 30/2014

Praise the Lord, we have finished yesterday SOD 101 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Instead of 3 days we had to do the SOD 101 in 2 days because we had to find bigger church building because of so many people.

We had to rent a bus to transport people. Burkina Faso is French speaking nation, also they have their native More language. The School was received very well. We provided lunches, printed the manuals and people were very much blessed and expressed great gratitude.

Mass deliverance yesterday was a great success with many, many visible manifestations and people getting deliverance.

It was the most we have ever seen it in all our missions to Africa. Shortly we are boarding plane to Ivory Coast.


Greetings to all in PLM.

Pstr Jozef

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