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Report from Malawi and Tanzania

Dar es Salaalm, September 27, 2014

Here we are in Dar es Salaam big coast city in Tanzania located by the Indian Ocean. We came here yesterday from Blantyre, Malawi where we have for the first time conducted a SOD 101 in the church “Showers of Blessing.”

I asked God to give us insight into the African spiritual makeup and we were able to teach deliverance topics which were well understood and appreciated.

The 3rd day we gave diplomas and had mass deliverance which was well attended. Many got freedom especially when we went into the crowd and started to minister deliverance.

The Africans learned that if you pray a little bit longer and when you ask questions, deliverance will happen. Four of us: myself, Pstr Carl Henderson, Pstr Lawrence Mantanzima, Pstr Raymond Mbidu and Pstr Jimali were very busy setting the captives free.

They learned lots of things from us and the way we do minister. A lady came on a stretcher and after being prayed for by Carl was walking without it from the church.

We were so busy ministering that none of us took pictures of the deliverance but somebody did and we will get it from him.

The Africans learned that there is more to deliverance then “touch and go ministry.” For example: I ministered to this sister who was preoccupied with death all the time, having dreams of dead people. After little investigation, it turned out that her child was born by Caesarian delivery and demons of death and others entered in. Praise God, she was set free.

Many were delivered and we were happy to accomplish our first mission in the country of Malawi.

Pstr Johnstone Kilinga from Kahama joined our team to teach here in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. He is one of the fruits of the deliverance mission in Tanzania.

When we came here first time to Kahama, Tanzani, the SOD 101 was conducted in a Community hall with lots of people attending. Pstr Johnstone was the coordinator and interpreter. During renunciation prayers and translating, he suddenly turned his back to the audience because he was getting deliverance vomiting right on the stage.

His church was located outside of the city limits of Kahama under huge mango tree where around 42 members would gather. They had permission from the owner of the land to come everySunday and erect a temporary structure which they would cover with a tarp.

I preached on Covenant of Deliverance and conducted mass deliverance; it was glorious. Since that time we have helped them to get piece of land within the city limits and they have built a church which is growing.

Blessings to you faithful partners.
Pstr Jozef

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