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News from Africa 2014 Mission

September 24/2014, Blantyre, Maalawi.
Dear Friends in Christ, here we are again, on the road going with deliverance to Tanzania and Malawi. The team is: myself Pstr Jozef Jasinski (Canada), Pstr Carl Henderson (USA) and Lawrence Simon (Ivory Coast. .Everyone was flying separately from respective countries to Blantyre, Tanzania where we met at the airport within 3 hr of my coming first.
Our coordinator is Rev Raymond Mbitu from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He travelled for 3 days by bus to Blantyre bringing manuals of our School of Deliverance 101 which were printed in Dar Es Salaam.
By the way, I had 8 hr stop in London, UK. Few Polish friends wanted to see me and we met at Heathrow Airport and had a little service at the multifaith chapel over there. Our Christian space was separated by curtains from the Muslim part. I spoke a Word, we had a communion together, broke bread and had the wine (grape juice) and prayed healing and deliverance, spoke in tongues and glorified laud God. Muslims curiously were looking into our space.

In Christ's love and service
Pstr Jozef


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