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2014-Kielce, Poland - School of Deliverance 101

Our Deliverance team of Pastor Jozef Jasinski, Brother Christian Kangudie and Tim Gardner in Kielce, Poland, where they are presenting a School of Deliverance 101

Emails from Tim Gardner

There is a pretty good crowd, approx 250, and quite enthusiastic, Christian performed as a good soldier as always.
I threw those pics together rapidly,
Send you more later today or tomorrow morning.


Hi Colin,
Christian just got word that his father has had a small strokeā€Ž; just as he went up to speak on 'trials and tribulations, what God does not deliver us from'.


Report from Pastor Jozef after the 2nd day

Today we have finished second day. The place is new and great; exhibitions grounds. Today we had 300 people. A group came from Germany, somebody from Austria, Scotland, pastor from Greece, people from all over Poland. Tomorrow we expected 400 and more people. The school is getting momentum, today was lots if joy, great worship. 80 % are new people. There great enthusiasm and appreciation for the teachings. All looking toward tomorrow mass deliverance. LIFT US UP IN PRAYER TONIGHT.

Greetings to all. PJ

Photos from Kielce, Poland School of Deliverance 101


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