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Pastor Jozef's report from the Philippines - March 20, 2016

Hello Dear Friends in Christ, we have just completed our 2nd and last School of Deliverance 101 in Davao City. The 1st SOD 101 was in Balere  which is a 5 hr drive north - east from Manila.

The mission to the Philippines was very much blessed by the Lord and successful. 95 % of the people attending SOD 101 didn't know about deliverance and what it all means. It is shocking to know how the Body of Christ is ignorant of the blessings God has for the believers; as the Bible says: "My people sit in prison holes and none says to deliver, and none says to restore."

Christians do not know about deliverance, they do not know that Deliverance is an absolute necessity for them and the truth is as the Bible says: "My people perish for the lack of knowledge."

On the 2nd day of SOD 101 in Balere, Pastor Carl Henderson was teaching on healing ("Elijah Challenge")  and 27 were healed, and the people whom were healed, practiced healing others. The same happened in Davao City where around 25 people were healed.

On the 3rd day of SOD 101 in Balere after we finished the teachings we gave diplomas to the students, anointed everybody for healing and deliverance, gave them a manual SOD 101 and started mass deliverance. Even during renunciation prayers people started to cry getting deliverance. Mass deliverance was AWESOME,

Acts 8:6-8 and many were being delivered. There was great joy.

Mass deliverance in Davao City was also GREAT. At one point all I could hear just one big roar of voices mixed with cries and screaming unclean spirits, it was all over the place. We are so blessed. The Pastors want us to come back and do more training.

After the day of rest we drove 2 hrs into the province to attend a wedding of one of the boys of PLM, Darren Marcus who was marrying a Philippino sister name Jayzzah. Over some of the distance including the church ceremony and reception we were escorted and protected by a special unit of Philippino police because of the rebels in that area. Wedding was beautiful and we were so happy for Darren and Jayzzah. The Lord blessed Jayzzah with great deliverance 2 days before the wedding.

Shalom to everybody. THANKS for your prayers, you have the same reward.

In Christ's Love and service
Pastor Jozef

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