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    Testimonies - Tanzania 2007

    From: Benjamin Mukera [mailto:]
    Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 6:11 AM
    Subject: Greetings

    Praise God Pastor Tim.

    I always thank God for you Pastor for the great work you did in Dar es salaam for the kingdom. You are mighty warriors of God,
    ever since people have been giving testimonies to how God has transformed their lives. We are happy and deliverence is now
    coming back in the church for restoration.

    I real admire to be part of the deliverence ministry.

    Hope God has always been faithful wherever you steped your feet.

    I miss the grace bestowed upon your life. I thank God my ministry is doing great and we are hoping for the great event that will
    bring the youth together from the different regions of Tanzania and we pray you and pastor Joseph to be part of this. the event
    will take place this December.

    We pray for you.

    Be blessed.
    Yours in christ Jesus,

    Benjamin Mukera from Tanzania, Dar es salaam

    From: David siyame [mailto:]
    Sent: November 1, 2007 8:41 AM
    Subject: Re: To God be Glory for your blessed Ministry

    Dear Joseph and Tim

    Thank you so much for your deliverance outreach to Tanzania, you came in a time I was experiencing some struggles in my

    life wheather to go to Nigeria or Uganda to find out what God is saying about deliverance.

    Serving in ministry as a missionary and pastor, I have found that I need so much to learn more about this ministry. Thanks to

    God that you have laid a foundation in my spiritual and physical Life -I am never the same again.

    I do not know how I can get advanced training in deliverance so that I become a blessing to the people I have been reaching out

    in Tanzania and the Democratic republic of Congo.

    I pray for your healthy, God's prtection, strengthy and safe travel.

    In His service,

    David P. Siyame
    New Life Christian Centre
    P.O.Box 14491
    Dar es salaam

    From: Shemu Kilinga [mailto:]
    Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2007 2:41 AM
    Subject: GREETINGS

    Dear pastor praise Lord [BWANA ASIFIWE]

    We thank you for your ministry and your services which had helped many christian's life here at Kahama especially Pastors ,Church leaders and Evangelists .Warmly welcome again.

    Also I would like to know how was the journey did you reach to Kigali safely?We hope that nothing was wrong because the hand of God was upon you.For more communication please use this email its me PS.SHEMU JOHN KILINGA.God bless you reachly.

    Pastor Shemu Kilinga in Kahama,    

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