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    2009 Africa Mision Report

    2009 Reports from Africa Mission

    Pastor Jozef, Tim Gardner , Michael Miller & Joshua Kolawole Opayinka

    Words and Photos from Tim Gardner

    First school went really well,
    170 diplomas, a record.
    God moved, The team is a good one, pray for health as we are under lots of physical pressure, as well as the other.
    Were invited to the President of Sierra Leone lodge for meeting with the first Lady.
    Blaine she has one of your bibles.

    Blessings from Africa, revival meeting tonight, Liberia tomorrow

    Celebration in Sierra Leone First Lady presented with King James bible by Tim Gardner
    Joshua teaching in Sierra Leone Pastor Jozef teaching in Sierra Leone, Michael Miller in back
    Michael Miller and Presidential Guard Tim Gardner and President's daughter
    Pastor Jozef feeling the heat Pastor Jozef drinking tea in Sierra Leone
    Pastor Jozef, Tim Gardner, Joshua Kolawole Opayinka and Michael Miller Praying for First Lady

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