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Deliverance Missions 2012

Deliverance is on the Move...

  • 2012 has been another blessed year for Promised Land Ministries of Edmonton as we continue to embark on the Great Commission, to "Go Ye Into All The Nations..."
  • In March of this year, Pastor Jozef, brothers Michael Miller and Carl Henderson visited, taught and ministered our School of Deliverance program 101 for three weeks in Indonesia.
  • In July our Deliverance team, comprising of Pastor Jozef, brothers Christian Kangudie and Tim Gardner visited Toronto, Ontario for a 3-Day workshop at Christians' father's church called the Seed of Life.
  • October 25th is the start of our local 3-Day 'School of Deliverance 101' taking place here in Edmonton at Promised Land Ministries, 12145 67th Street, just south of the Yellowhead Trail.
  • November takes our team to Poland, where both School of Deliverance 101 & 201 will be taught. Later in the month Pastor Jozef and brother Carl Henderson will return to the Philippines, then to neighbouring Myanmar to minister spiritual warfare and deliverance for over 3 weeks.
  • Back at home in our Media Headquarters located upstairs in our church, our technical crew has been busy with our new global outreach connection, setting up our Internet radio station called Promised Land Radio, as well as our Live Video Steaming which we're praying will be ready and in operation to carry our Edmonton workshop to the Global community. Lord willing, once our video stream in in operation, we will offer the video cast of our workshop at a nominal fee for those who register on line. More information on this project as we come closer to launch date.


Poland Mission 2012

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