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History of Promised Land Ministries

Jozef Israel Jasinski, an immigrant from Poland, landed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1977. He came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and was born again into the Kingdom of God in December of 1983.


Since coming to the Lord, the hand of God has been upon Jozef, leading and guiding his footpaths. It was in early 1985 that the Lord gave Jozef a night-vision dream (Daniel 2:19, Daniel 7:2,13). In the dream, Jozef saw himself standing in front of the main entrance door of a church, as people came out of the church, he laid hands on the people and commanded demons to come out of them.

In October of 1985, Jozef attended his first deliverance workshop in Chicago, getting deliverance and learning about deliverance. Over the next ten years, he and other brothers in the Lord, would pack themselves in cars and make the long trek in all the climes of Prairie weather, usually driving non stop, except for pit stops along the way.


After a few years of pilgrimaging, the brothers held a workshop in the city of Edmonton inviting Pastor Win Worley of this Chicago Church called Hegewisch Baptist Church. Hegewisch Baptist Church is a spirit filled bible believing fellowship that believes in Salvation, Deliverance, Healing and the moving of the gifts.


Win Worley is the man that pioneered the Deliverance Ministry here in North America in this generation. Worley has authored 11 books, over 50 booklets, audio and video tapes on this end time Ministry of the Lord. Hegewisch is still a very strong and active ministry teaching and practicing the deliverance ministry today.

Back here in Edmonton, Jozef Jasinski had now become an ordained minister and Promised Land Ministries was formed in the summer of 1990.

Since the inception of Promised Land Ministries, the fellowship although small in number, has consistently drawn those that seek deliverance from the bonds of Satan, from throughout Alberta and across Canada. Pastor Jozef has also had a vision to establish a Full time Deliverance Centre here in the city of Edmonton, with all the facilities, including a book store.

Presently Promised Land Ministries operates in Edmonton functioning as a Para-church ministry to the body of Christ in Edmonton and beyond, even to the four corners of the world.

Our vision from God is to spread the knowledge of deliverance and Spiritual Warfare so that they all may be equipped to stand against and destroy the works of the devil in these End-times.

Every Friday, Promised Land Ministries conducts Deliverance Workshops in which we teach on a different Deliverance topic as well as conducting Mass and Individual Deliverance. We also carry various books, teaching tapes and other materials pertaining to Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare.

In the past, Promised Land Ministries has conducted semi-annual workshops on a large scale in which many bound souls were set free. We are willing and able to visit any congregation, big or small, in order to train the body of Christ in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministry.

God has given Promised Land Ministries a vision to train the body of Christ world-wide in the knowledge of Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare. Pastor Jozef has received open visions from the Lord in which he saw himself in many different countries. Over the past 6 years God has opened the door to Trinidad, the Philippines, and Nigeria and many other doors are starting to open.

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