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Marriage Breaking Spirits

Marital relationships are often broken or marred by the work of evil spirits which commonly work in the husband. Because of wrong information and erroneous conditioning in our society, he will lust after his wife.

This lust expresses itself in a strong masculine sex drive with selfishness and a brutal indifference to the sensitivity of the wife and her feelings and needs. A woman senses this lust and is offended by it, often feeling her husband has approached her as if she were a harlot to be exploited and used for his pleasure. As one wife expressed it, "There are times when I feel like a spittoon."

Such an encounter leaves the wife wounded and unsatisfied, often feeling unclean and unvalued by her spouse. This can bring a distaste and repulsion in her toward sexual contact with her mate. This in turn generates frustration and anger in the passionately aroused husband. He is mad to feel inadequate by her rejection (active or passive) and yet his approach often makes it almost impossible for her to respond warmly. Too often the only time there seems to be any tenderness toward or interest in her is in the bedroom. No woman can stomach this repeatedly.

Men must be reprogrammed to love, not lust after, their wives. Love does not rule out the strong sexual desires or fulfillment of them in marriage, but does refine and sweeten them so that the maximum satisfaction and benefit can come to each partner in the union. Women must never use the bedroom as a time for bargaining or airing of grievances. There is time for this, but it is not when the husband is romantic and aroused with desire for relations with his wife. If she presses such things on him at such a time, one of two things will happen. He may quickly accede to her every demand in order to have his way in bed. However, repeated episodes of this nature will build up a deep resentment against her for doing this to him. On the other hand he may begin to develop an aversion for sex - with her - because of the emotional price he has to pay. Woe to the woman who puts her man through these gymnastics in order to consummate a sexual relationship. He may find he can do without her nicely or find a substitute in another person, his work or some other outlet. Males are equipped with a very strong sex drive but if a woman thwarts him repeatedly on various pretexts, she will live to regret it.

A wound to the male vanity in the area of sexual adequancy or potency is very difficult to heal and even more difficult to live with. Many women have discovered that it would have been far simpler to have accommodated their spouses more often rather than to face the results of their repeated refusals and rebuffs which created deep frustrations and anger in the husbands. Because sex is such a mental thing, the real meaning of the sex act can easily be destroyed for the male. It then becomes nothing more than a physical release of pressure, much like urination. This can trigger dangerous dissatisfaction and restlessness in a male and has contributed to marital discord and breakup. No wonder the Bible admonishes older women to teach the younger to love their husbands.(Titus 2:3-5). Unfortunately many of the older females have damaged their own marriages by sexual rationing to their husbands and what they teach the young will not help.

Man must learn to bridle and control his sex impulses and not expect his wife to satisfy him always, regardless of cost to the wife. He must learn to pace and practice abstinence for the benefit and blessing of the wife. Mutual happiness is the goal, not unbridled satisfaction of one partner at the expense of the other. Many men enter marriage like spoiled brats who have always had their way. They have never denied themselves sexual pleasure whenever they desired it, either through sexual relationships or masturbation. They must recognize this as childish selfishness and work to satisfy and please their mate rather than themselves.

Many men force their wives into oral, anal and other sexual perversions. What they do not realize is that this gives openings for spirits to enter, setting them up for homosexuality. In this realm, what a woman can do, a man can do better, because he understands male anatomy and responses and can be quick to comply. These practices can cause a man to fall into the snare of perversion when the situation is right. The same is true of a woman and lesbianism.

Fear of Homosexuality is a driving one in many American men, primarily because most have at some time in their life had homosexual contacts. They fear falling into the snare and therefore throw up a great facade of hatred of anything resembling homosexuality. One man in his thirties I dealt with recently, while in the fifth and sixth grades, was introduced to new erotic pleasures by some older buddies. Mutual masturbation led to oral sex. After he finally broke off the practices, he was left with a fiercely demanding habit of masturbation. He had no further homosexual experiences, but became exceedingly heterosexual, plunging into many affairs, which often involved oral sex with the women.

When he married, he and his wife experimented with many forms of sexual gratification detailed in the sex manuals, including oral sex. After they were both saved, by mutual consent they dropped all such things and settled into a satisfying sex life without any of the former overtones of perversion. He came to me seeking release from a terrible foreboding sense of fear which tormented and upset him. It was vague and he could not analyze exactly what it was. As I prayed with him, the Lord said it was Oral Sex and a deep-seated terror of being a homosexual. When I questioned him about his area he told me of his encounters as a youngster.

When I demanded that the ruler of Oral Sex manifest, a cackling laugh came forth and he informed me that he was an exceedingly powerful spirit and had had this "fool" for all these years and by no means would he come out! He declared that he and Homosexuality had this "stupid bastard" bound and they would never release him. I pointed out that the man had had no homosexual contacts since he was a young teen and also that he was very happily married.

The demon snarled, "I know it! That lousy bitch, we would have gotten him a lot of times if she hadn't been so damned loving and met his needs. But we still have him... and he doesn't even know it." Then angrily, "That fool! He has fought so against us. I tried to get him to look at the other guys in the showers and locker rooms. Damn him, he just won't cooperate, just goes home to that bitch he married. I even arranged for him to have a gay roommate in the service and had guys approach him at work. The idiot! He could have such fun if he would just listen. I hate his damned guts, and I hate your too, Worley. We'll still get him though. We've got our hooks in him and have made him so miserable and the dummy doesn't even know where it is coming from. For years we had him hooked good on Masturbation and tortured him regularly with that, but he got control over that. Damn him! We'll get him back though and wear him down.

Let him climb. We will shoot him down eventually for we are all still here." Deliverance eventually dislodged them. Oral Sex spirits lodge in the lips, tongue, taste buds, jaws, mouth and the throat. They are also in the sex organs. After dealing with many spirits of perversion, we know that they can enter through the eyes, the ears or participation, active or passive. In one case, a friend of mine was delivering a woman who had been introduced and forced into oral sex by an uncle when she was only 5 or 6 years of age. As she grew up she continued this with her dates. At her deliverance large gobs of slimy material were vomited which reeked with the strong odor of male semen.

From Demolishing the Hosts of Hell...Every Christian's Job, by Win Worley (Page 6,7&8) WRW Publications.

Deliverance is a WALK, not an Event!

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