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Results When Demonization of Christians Is Denied

False teachings are perpetuated by the erroneous and unscriptural position that believers cannot have demons. The following is a partial list of the pitfalls associated with taking such a position:

l. The old sin nature becomes the "whipping boy" and the middle ground between God and the demons.

2. All problems are taught to be due to the "lack of surrender."

3. People are left open to be snared into cults by angels of light.

4. All inherited characteristics are thought to be unchangeable.

5. Personality quirks and characteristics are thought to be unchangeable.

6. Makes us unable to break the bondage on another person's will.

7. Mental health programs, which teach us problems are the result of heredity, are supported.

8. Demons are given legal ground to stay when a person sits under teaching that denies a Christian can have a demon.

9. Demonic lies about oppression, possession, etc., are perpetuated.

10. Reinforces spiritual pride which keeps leaders from re-examining their teachings and retracting error.

11. Despair and hopelessness are fostered within the demonized.

12. Gives grounds to accept, as law, a medical diagnosis and medication.

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