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Self Deliverance

Every believer must learn to throw out demons from himself as well as from others. If a curse is suspected to be the grounds for demonic activity, it must be broken in Jesus' name (Phillipians 2:10). Any legal ground or legal hold must also be broken by claiming the cleansing power of the blood (1 John 1:7). If unconfessed sin is the ground it must be dealt with (1 John 1:9). A demon betrays his presence by driving, harassing, or tormenting and produces compulsive positive or negative behavior.

A demon is a spirit, which means wind or breath, and most leave through the breathing passages. When an ambulance goes through town, all traffic is removed to expedite its passage. Therefore when praying for yourself you should cease just before expelling (breathing out) the demons in order that prayer or praise will not obstruct their leaving.

The Greek word for "cast out" (Mark 16:18) means to throw out violently, to vomit. Begin by breaking curses; destroy legal holds and legal grounds; bind spirits (if in doubt about names, call out the manifestations); then demand firmly in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that they leave you. It can also be helpful (but not essential) at this point to pray in tongues. You need not yell or shout -- demons hear quite well and power is in the name and the blood of Jesus, not in the volume of your voice. Next, take three to five deep breaths and expell forcefully. If you breathe deeply repeatedly you will hyperventilate and get dizzy, so take a pause occasionally.

Demons can come out by simple breathing, coughing, gagging, retching, choking, moans, groans, shrieks, etc. The manifestations or lack of them depend on many factors involving the individual and the demons and are difficult to predict. Spirits not deeply rooted will usually yield fairly easily, however stronger, heavily entrenched spirits will require more time and effort to dislodge. The more stubborn and tenacious ones may require the help of other believers.

In spite of the fact that we are dealing with a defeated foe and all their legal grounds have been destroyed, strong demons are no pushovers. Even in retreat the enemy can and will put up a fierce and determined rear guard action. Because of the cleverness of spirits, many are fooled into thinking a strategic retreat is a wholesale surrender and rout and prematurely rejoice over a victory which is strictly partial.

Real persistence and the gift of discernment are very necessary here. It is exceedingly rare to see a demonic structure which took many years to build destroyed in a single session. However, the enemy can be mortally wounded and hurt in such an encounter. The order of the day is Attack! Attack! Attack! Give the enemy no time to regroup his forces, but keep him off balance by determinedly demanding the occupied territory, physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

When demons leave, there will be a difference within the person, a noticeable cessation or slackening of pressures and/or torment in the areas of his activity. Remember, that, in the case of multiple spirits of the same kind, all must be removed before complete victory is assured. For every inch of ground regained from the enemy there will be definite improvement.

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