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Deliverance is a WALK, not an Event!

Walking Time Bombs!

Many have rightly been concerned that all too often preachers and other Christian leaders reach an apex in their ministries and then fall into sexual or other serious sins, demolishing all that has been accomplished. Whole churches and many young believers have been shaken and hurt by such a tumble.


A basic problem is the indwelling demons which have not been dealt with in deliverance. For example many times a young fellow will go through sexual experiences which fill him with lust and sexual fantasies. When he determines to walk with the Lord, he battles to overcome the temptations and often wins. After rising to a place of prominence and usefulness in the Christian community, he may seem the ideal moral young man.


Unfortunately he is walking around with a "time bomb" inside of him. At a crucial moment the devil can bait the hook with an attractive person, sure to appeal to the victim. Before he knows it he can go into a dizzy spin with spirits inside reviving with horrible power. He can become so dazzled that he seems unable to respond to control, reason or other appeal from loved ones or friends. Disaster often follows with terrible tolls on the victim and everyone else involved.


Does it always happen? No, but it has happened often enough that it is a distinct possibility and we would be wise to consider it. For this reason, the command of Jesus to cast out demons must be scrupulously obeyed. Every spirit must be ruthlessly hunted down and ferreted out for they are capable of bringing about just such a tragedy as described above. Deliverance is not just an option or an interesting sideline but must be a vital concern of everyone who would be used of God.


The big three in destroying a man are sex, money, and power. One is sufficient to destroy. The sex drive gives impetus to a leader in any field, and all successful leaders have a strong one. If not dealt with in total surrender to the Lord, that which gives him his drive can also become the Achilles heel and be his undoing.


This is why Paul had much to say about curbing and controlling oneself. The deeper the hooks have been swallowed, the harder it is to dislodge them.


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